Custom Designed Patio privacy Art

PATIO PRIVACY ART Professionally Hand Painted Designs by Patsi Pohle


We are here to help you with any privacy issues you might have, from privacy fences for your hot tub or privacy panel walls for your deck. Our decorative art will enhance your outdoor living space.  We are here to make your dreams come true in your outdoor living space!

In Addition to being decorative this art is also functional - creating a focal point outdoors, at the same time hiding an object or a view.  Art that is lovely to look at but also providing privacy is a bonus!

These works of Privacy Wall Art and wall hangings can be custom designed for your patios, porches, deck, and yards.  The uses are endless.  Everyone’s home is unique and so can their design. • Evergreen, CO • 720-320-9065 •

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